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Network and server cabinets
Scalable solutions for data centers, industry or home networks: DIGITUS®offers you stable network cabinets and server racks in various sizes as well as the appropriate accessories so that you can implement your network technology according to your requirements.
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Copper Network Technology

DIGITUS® offers a wide range of copper components with which the cabling system can be flexibly expanded and changed. In many areas of LAN cabling, copper cabling systems are used as a common standard of technology. Especially in the tertiary area of structured building cabling, copper is the cabling solution of choice to achieve the highest possible transmission rates.

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Fiber Optic Network Technology
Fiber optics is the technology of choice for long cabling distances - for example in the primary and secondary areas of structured building cabling. In addition, the progressive implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) is leading to a high demand for high-quality fiber optic solutions such as those offered by DIGITUS®. This is because fiber optic cables can be used to achieve a much greater bandwidth at considerably lower costs.
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Active network component
A professional network design stands and falls with the choice of active network components.  They form the core of a stable and fast network, which is becoming increasingly important especially in times of digitalization and cloud applications. The requirements for modern transmission networks are constantly changing - that's why DIGITUS® always offers the right product range.
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Cables and adapters
For a perfectly networked workplace, a wide variety of connection cables are required. Each device is supplied with power and usually also connected to the Internet. The DIGITUS® computer cables are available with all connectors, so you can find the right connection for every need. The wide range of products is available in various packaging variants that are easy to ship and optimized for distribution.
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Video and Audio
DIGITUS® has developed a comprehensive range of solutions for AV signal distribution. This includes signal extenders, converters, cabling components and matching monitor mounts. The portfolio also includes digital signage solutions. With DIGITUS®, audio and video signals can be transmitted in high resolution via a wide range of technologies, such as HDBaseT, CAT cable, IP and many more.
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For a modern, individual workplace that takes your health into account,  DIGITUS® has developed a variety of ergonomic solutions, such as monitor holders and workplace elevations. Discover the ergonomic diversity of DIGITUS® and adapt your workplace according to your individual needs to remain productive in the long term.
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Computer and Office Accessories
With high-quality computer accessories from DIGITUS®  PCs and mobile work equipment can be quickly transformed into a modern and networked workplace. Interface distributors and converters or adapters connect devices with the rest of the IT world. Chargers provide the necessary power supply. DIGITUS® also offers a range of practical smartphone and tablet accessories, such as mobile USB type-C™ docking stations.
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Building Technology
The Smart Home trend has a decisive influence on developments in building technology. Therefore DIGITUS® offers the right equipment for smart living solutions, such as small network cabinets for home automation and security sockets with USB ports. The compact wall-mounted cabinets offer space for active and passive network components such as switches or the cabling of your WLAN router.